How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs colonize to protect the species from extinction. However, it is common for bed bugs to travel alone than in colonies. When the colony population grows out of control, the risks of detection become more apparent. Before long, the bed bugs will be forced to look for new shelters and hosts. Bed bugs target both residential and commercial properties. No property or resident of Dayton, Ohio is fully protected from bed bugs. Unless you live in a bubble, you are a target. Most people do not give a second thought to their surroundings, including parasitic insects like the bed bug. Some of the most vulnerable people are those who are not aware of the continuous threat of bed bugs. Being victimized by bed bugs is something no one expects. It is unfortunate when victims lose hope of ever regaining control of their lives. People who have never been victimized by these insects could never understand what victims go through, Anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, and depression are reportedly very common among bed bug victims. Some victims are under the impression, they will always be victims. But, this theory could not be further from the truth. Taking the initiative to locate and drive the bed bugs out are necessary is a great place to start. Where do bed bugs hide? Is it possible to drive bed bugs out of hiding? Find the answers to these questions in the content provided in the article below.

How To Drive Bed Bugs Out Of Their Hiding Places?

Bed bugs colonize without building nests for their young, which is why the insects are nearly or completely impossible to locate in hiding. Searching for bed bugs is futile in many cases, even when you know their common hiding places. Skip the futile searches and let the bed bugs come to you.
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal, meaning they hide away during the daylight hours and come out to feed in the dark. Replicating this behavior will put you one step ahead of your predators
  • Position your bed in the center of the room, away from the walls. Install carbon dioxide “CO2” detector on each side of the bed, targeting all angles
  • Install adhesive traps around each CO2 detector to capture the bed bugs as they emerge from their hiding places
  • Bed bugs are drawn to heat. Placing space heaters in specific areas of your home will encourage the insects to emerge from hiding. Flip the power switch to “ON” and give the heaters time to build up the temperature to at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to create even heat throughout each impacted room. To accomplish this feat, we recommend two space heaters in an 8’ X 10’ room.
  • High-temperature steam is an effective method utilized to entice bed bugs out of hiding. Like heat, hot steam penetrates various surfaces – wood, plastic, fabric, and some metals. Within 20 minutes, the hot steam will begin to permeate deep into the structural component where the bed bug(s) is hiding
  • Combining heat or steam with adhesive traps guarantees maximum effectiveness in all settings. It is crucial to continuously monitor the process to ensure the adhesive traps are not overfilled. Replace the glue traps as needed to continue trapping bed bugs until the process is complete
  • A full washing and drying cycle has been shown to be an effective method utilized by people who fear bed bug encounters and victims. Experts recommend 15-minute washing and 15-minute drying cycles of the maximum heat setting. If necessary, increase each cycle by 5 minutes to ensure a better outcome
Heat and steam, registering at110 degrees Fahrenheit will begin to eradicate bed bugs in all stages of the life cycle – adults, eggs, and larvae. We highly recommend at least 15 minutes, no longer than 30 minutes to protect your heirlooms and other assets from deterioration related to long-time exposure.

How Our Exterminators Drive Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding?

We employ cutting-edge technologies to entice bed bugs out of hiding. Bed bugs generally do not grow larger than 7 millimeters in length. The small size allows them to crawl deep inside crevices, gaps, cracks, and holes to avoid detection from their hosts. Our clients are encouraged to take advantage of our bed bug treatments, including:
  • Steam
  • Thermal Heat
  • Cryonite
  • Industrial-Strength Pesticide
  • Adhesive Traps
We treat each bed bug case with the utmost importance. Our clients’ bed bug problems are our problems as well. We never back down from a bed bug challenge, whether it be a minor problem or a severe full-blown infestation. We utilize large heaters/steamers to generate a hot environment in targeted areas of a home or business. Our exterminators run flex ducts from large heaters/steamers to the impacted areas of the establishment. The impacted areas are sealed off from non-impacted areas to prevent the infestation from spreading throughout the home.

Our Professional Bed Bug Extermination Strategies

We firmly believe the most effective bed bug strategy is customized. When we are called upon to eradicate a bed bug infestation, we immediately start preparing. Each client is paired with a licensed exterminator to ensure a more personal experience. The client and exterminator will continue to work together throughout the entire process. From the initial bed bug inspection to the post-treatment inspection, the client and inspector combine their expertise to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. Our exterminators are licensed by the State of Ohio. We only hire local talent, in an effort to support our local communities.

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