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Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Dayton OH

It’s the 21st century, everyone should know the bed bugs. Continuous public campaigns airing hourly on many local TV networks are drawing a lot of attention to the ectoparasite. Bed bugs are targeting both commercial and residential properties without discrimination. So, no home or business is 100 percent safe. Whether you reside in the city, on the outskirts of the city, or in the country, your property is at risk. Keeping this in mind, there is no time like now to safe-proof your home or business. Learning as much about the species as possible will definitely put you one step ahead in the process.

How To Identify Bed Bugs?

In the last 5 years, bed bugs have been making a resurgence in many metropolis cities. The bed bug “Cimex lectularius” preys on both humans and animals. The diet consists of blood, feeding at least every 5 days when a host is accessible. The adult can survive up to 2 months without eating.

To survive harsh environments and frequent extermination attempts, bed bugs colonize. As the adult female is a “prolific breeder,” the colony is continuously growing. Unlike termite and ant colonies, bed bugs do not have a queen, all adult females reproduce. A single adult female can lay up to 5 eggs daily and 500 hundred in her lifetime.

Why Is My Dayton Property Under A Bed Bug Attack?

Bed bugs target all commercial and residential properties in all districts and neighborhoods. It is unfortunate, being a bed bug, but with the property pest control strategy, it is possible to prevent further damage.

Unlike the ant, cockroach, stinkbug, box elder bug, spider, and earwig, bed bugs are carried into the home. The insects travel in luggage, backpacks, overnight bags, jackets, shoes, and animal fur. Those at the highest risk are travelers who frequently stay in hotels. College and university students living in dorms are also at risk. Knowing you are at risk will play in your favor, even if you are a frequent traveler and college dorm tenant.

Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease To Humans And Animals?

The bed bug has not been deemed a health threat to humans or animals. Instead, the insect is a nuisance to all of its victims. However, bed bugs have been known to put victims under great duress. At first glance, a bed bug bite appears harmless. But, when the victim discovers how the bite occurred, it no longer seems harmless.

Bed bugs have mouthparts that replicate a feeding tube. To remain undetected when feeding, the bed bug secretes saliva with numbing properties. The saliva allows the bed bug to penetrate the host’s skin without being detected. A single feeding can take between 10 and 20 minutes.

What Is The Most Effective Bed Bug Extermination Strategy?

Bed bugs colonize in dozens, hundreds, and thousands. The larger the colony, the more intense the pest control strategy should be. Our professional bed bug control has all severity of infestation covered.

Manual Treatment

  • Cost-Efficient – Our manual bed bug treatment is the most cost-efficient option. It is suitable for commercial and residential settings
  • Residential And Commercial Applications – Client must vacate home or business prior to each treatment
  • Chemical And Natural Preparation – Chemical-based and eco-friendly preparations

Heat Treatment

  • Cost-Efficient – A cost-efficient bed bug treatment
  • Residential And Commercial Applications – Vulnerable assets must be removed from the impacted home or business prior to each treatment
  • Chemical And Natural Preparation – Steam with or without diatomaceous earth

Fumigation Treatment

  • Cost-Efficient – An affordable bed bug treatment
  • Residential And Commercial Applications – Requires little preparation on the client’s part
  • Chemical Preparation – Treatment utilizes Vikane “Sulfuryl Flouride”

Do Exterminators Recommend DIY Pest Control For Bed Bug Infestation?

No, do-it-yourself or over-the-counter pesticides are generally ineffective against bed bug infestations. OTC pesticides are standard-grade, while our professional pesticide is rated industrial-strength, which is significantly more potent.

Does Professional Bed Bug Insecticide Contain Harmful Ingredients?

There are various pesticide formulas, a mixture of natural, chemical, organic, synthetic, and natural. We encourage our clients to choose a formula that better suits their preferences, budget, and infestation. 

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