Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Take steps to prevent bedbugs from infesting your home and turning your life upside down. There are numerous steps you can take to keep these pests out. Using a bedbug mattress cover is recommended, but it isn’t a definite solution for bedbug infestations. Still, it is wise to use a mattress cover to deal with many of the infestations hiding in your home.

Mattresses Are Hiding Places For Bedbugs

Residents not using a bedbug mattress cover are going to regret it. They’re leaving the door open so the pests can invade. You’d do everything you could to keep unwanted guests and thieves out of your home. You should treat bedbugs the same way. It is pertinent to take steps to stop bedbugs from infesting your home. Using a bedbug mattress protector is an effective way to stop these pests from taking shelter on your mattress or box spring. You’ll want to take this important step because bedbugs prefer hiding here. In general, it is estimated that 90% of the bedbugs in an infested home will hide on or around the mattress and box spring. A cover will stop them from hiding on your mattress while killing bedbugs already hiding there. Below, you’ll learn more about using a mattress cover to fight off bedbugs.

Understanding Bed Bug Mattress Covers

It is wise to learn more about bedbug mattress protectors so you can understand how they work. These products are designed to protect mattresses and box springs from bedbugs. The piece of fabric is designed to wrap around your mattress or box spring. Then, you’ll use the zipper to properly secure the cover around the mattress. Once it has been zipped, the mattress should be fully enclosed. As a result, bedbugs will not be able to reach the mattress and some won’t be able to escape the mattress protector. A study performed at the University of Minnesota found that bedbugs trapped in the mattress cover would die within two weeks or sooner. Installing a good bedbug encasement will also prevent more bedbugs from reaching and hiding on the mattress.

Choosing An Effective Mattress Cover

Don’t rush your decisions because you want to get the best mattress cover for your bed. Take your time and consider the factors below when buying one of these products.

Always Pick A Full Encasement

Although partial encasements are available, it is best to avoid them. They won’t stop bedbugs from reaching your mattress. If you want a bedbug-proof mattress encasement, you want a full encasement. Pick a full encasement and it’ll work better.


You also need an encasement that will properly seal around your mattress or box spring. It should seal properly to keep the bedbugs from escaping and feeding at night. Remember that bedbugs are small pests that can slip through small gaps and tears. If the mattress cover or its zipper is fragile, it likely won’t help. It’ll have small holes that bedbugs can enter and exit as they please. Choose a high-quality mattress cover with reinforced seams and a great zipper.


To ensure you get your money’s worth, you’ll want to buy a properly tested mattress cover. You’ll take a gamble when purchasing a mattress cover that hasn’t been properly tested. Don’t buy a mattress cover that hasn’t been thoroughly tested by licensed entomologists.

Free Of Toxins

When you use a mattress cover, you’re going to sleep close to it. If it contains dangerous toxins, you’re going to be breathing them in while you sleep. Prevent this from happening by choosing a mattress cover that is free of dangerous toxins.

Effectiveness Of Bedbug Mattress Encasements

You can use several techniques to deal with the bedbugs in your home. You’ll also want to take steps to prevent these pests from invading your home. Using a bedbug mattress protector can indeed make a difference. These products are designed to eliminate any bedbugs hiding on your mattress. They’ll get trapped by the cover so they won’t be able to eat. Before you know it, those pests will starve to death. Furthermore, bedbugs will no longer be able to hide on the mattress so they’ll be easier to identify. A mattress cover will help you eliminate some bedbugs and deal with the problem sooner. Just remember that a low-quality mattress cover may not deliver satisfactory results. Plus, no bedbug mattress cover is going to wipe out the infestation. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to hire a qualified exterminator. We’re here to help. Call our local office and we’ll take care of it for you.

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