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Finding a solution for your bedbug infestation won’t be easy, but you can do it. Remember that we’re here to help. Our company offers comprehensive bedbug services so we’re confident we can rectify the problem your facing. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable treatment, learn more about our thermal heat treatments. We prefer this method because it is safe and environmentally friendly. Besides offering conventional methods, we also offer bedbug heat treatments.

We believe that this is the best way to fix the problem. It is the most reliable method and it offers an abundance of other benefits.

How Our Bedbug Heat Treatments Work

The heat treatment procedure is straightforward. When you decide to take advantage of this option, it’ll involve increasing the temperature of your home. We have to use heat machines to raise the temperature throughout the home. Once this happens, any bedbugs hiding in the dwelling will be swiftly eliminated. Heat treatments offer unique benefits that aren’t available elsewhere. One benefit is the reach. Bedbug heat treatments can bugs anywhere in the home.

Heat is going to seep into all cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps. Even if you can’t see the hole, the heat is going to slip through and eliminate any bedbugs hiding inside. Heat can eliminate bedbugs at all ages, including adult bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae. Nothing will be able to survive our innovative heat treatments. We need to raise the temperature in the home to 140-degrees or higher.

Once we’ve done this, the temperature has to be maintained correctly. We cannot let the temperatures fluctuate because this will let the bedbugs survive. Bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to extreme temperatures so our heat treatments will eliminate them.

A Highly Reliable Solution

We highly recommend heat treatments to our Dayton clients because the method is more reliable than others. It works exceptionally well for eliminating bedbugs. The method is incredibly reliable. Although all bedbug treatments have flaws, heat treatments have fewer flaws than others. In other words, it is nearly fool-proof. Our heat treatments are reliable because bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. If the bedbugs cannot escape the home and avoid these temperatures, they’re going to die. We’ll make sure that they get trapped in the home so we can eliminate all of them at once.

Proper Temperature Monitoring

Although heat treatments are simple, they can be hit or miss if the exterminator isn’t thorough. There is always a risk that the exterminator will stop paying attention. If this happens, the temperatures may drop too low. Then, the bedbugs may survive. We’ll prevent this from happening. Our technicians are going to carefully monitor the temperature to ensure they remain as close to 140 degrees as possible. These temperatures have to be maintained for two to four hours to guarantee satisfactory results.

Again, we aren’t going to let the temperatures fluctuate and let the bedbugs survive. Our technicians are trained extensively to help ensure we can eliminate the pests in one visit.

We’re Going To Protect You

We hope you’ll work with us because we’re going to protect you every step of the way. Our technicians strive to provide our clients with safe and reliable methods that deliver consistent results. Although bedbug heat treatments are safe, we need to take steps to ensure that our clients are going to be okay. Therefore, we believe it is best for our clients to evacuate the dwelling until we’ve finished.

In general, our heat treatments can be completed within a few hours. Once we’ve finished, one of our eco- friendly technicians will call you and let you know. Then, you can return home and enjoy a bedbug-free dwelling.

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