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What Are Earwigs?

If you live in Dayton, Ohio, you’ve likely no doubt heard the myth about earwigs. You’ve likely heard that they burrow into people’s ears and lay eggs in their brains. This is just one of the many myths surrounding this bug. It is because of misinformation like this that makes these bugs so hard to eliminate. Some true things about these insects are they are from the Dermapter family, they have long bodies with forcep-like abdominal appendages, and they can grow to 1/3 inches in length.

One of the most interesting things about these bugs is that they have wings, but choose not to use them. That’s right, these bugs have two sets of wings and can fly, but choose not to. That being said, there are some wingless members of this species as well. The ones with wings are usually leathery and membranous. While these species only tend to grow 1/3 inches in total length, there is one that can reach 3 inches. This would be the Helena Giant Earwig.

Why Do People Have Earwigs?

Earwigs are an insect that prefers the warm, dark, and damp areas. These are the areas they will be looking for in the home. If an earwig can find a dark, damp, or warm area in your home or building, you best believe they will burrow in and reproduce. These conditions are perfect for the critter and give it the environmental conditions they need to thrive. Another interesting thing about the earwig is that it is a nocturnal creature. What does this mean? It means that it’ll only come out at night. This is just one of the many other things that make the critter a bit more on the difficult side to eliminate.

All that being said, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens provide the perfect living conditions for an earwig. These are the areas where they usually can be found in the home. During the night, they’ll come out and feed on your plants. While they do prefer plants for feeding, they will also eat other arthropods like mites and fleas. If you have a mite or flea infestation, you best believe that you will have an earwig problem before long if the problem persists.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

While there are a variety of species of earwigs, the ones found in Dayton, Ohio aren’t considered anything but a nuisance. They do have that forcep-like appendage on their abdominal region, that gives them the ability to pinch, but they can’t even generate enough force to puncture the skin on most humans. You’ll likely know that you are being pinched or feel a slight pinch, but it won’t be enough to cause you any physical discomfort. That being said, they can and will be destructive to your houseplants. If you have delicate breeds or blossoms, these critters can be destructive to them. They are oftentimes rough on gardens as well.

In addition to all of this, they feed on decaying organic material. They get in the material and spread it all over the home. They get it on their feet and carry it into your food and water sources. Other than this, these critters aren’t a threat.

Properly Eliminating Earwigs

If you want to fully and completely remove earwigs from the home, you are going to have to start with the population outside. You can remove all the critters in the home, but if the ones outside aren’t taken care of, they will just travel back inside. This makes the task one for a professional. That being said, earwigs are attracted to light and moisture. The light around doors, light around windows, porches lights, and decorative lighting will all lure these creatures in. The best way to avoid this is by taking advantage of sodium vapor lights.

Sodium vapor lights give off a yellow tint, unlike regular white lighting. Mercury vapor lights are also a good option for the same reason. You use these lights and eliminate all the possible potential entry points, and you’ll be halfway there to eliminating your pest problems. This is something our highly trained Dayton techs are more than glad to help with. All you have to do is reach out and give us a ring!

When Can You Get Here?

Given the unique properties of Dayton and the numerous pests in the area, we stay extremely busy. We are constantly in and out of the office, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here for our customers. We are always more than willing to adapt and that we will. Whether you need us at your property in the morning, evening, or on the weekend, we’ll be there. We’ll also be there 244 to 48 hours after you make that initial phone call. All you have to do is call our offices and we’ll dispatch out a trained assessor to evaluate the infestation.

Are Your Treatments Safe?

Pesticides have long been utilized in the pest management area. This is because they have proven effective time and time again. While there are now newer eco-friendly treatments available, these treatments aren’t viable for every situation. We do like to offer them when and where we can, but they won’t be applicable for every situation. Regardless, we also take the proper precautions. Whether administering pesticides or eco-friendly treatments, we make sure we do everything to regard the safety of you, your pets, and your family. Your safety is one of our biggest concerns.

How Can I Prevent Earwig Infestations?

We believe we are different than most pest management firms in Dayton. At the very least, we know we hold ourselves to higher standards. That aside, one of the things that make us different is that we don’t just help you eliminate pests. We provide you with the tool, knowledge, tips, and know-how that you need to prevent them from coming back. If you don’t already have them, we’ll give you what you need to stop them from showing up. While it is entirely impossible to completely eradicate the threat of earwigs, you can mitigate the problem and we’ll help you do just that. All you have to do is give our Dayton offices a call.

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