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Bed bugs are resilient when it comes to victimizing their hosts. The insects spend most of their hiding in cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes, waiting for their next blood meal. Every 5 to 10 days, bed bugs emerge from hiding to feed on their hosts’ blood. Hosts are both human and animal, with the former the more preferred.

Bed bugs hitchhike rides with unsuspecting humans, visiting college dorms, homeless shelters, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, and country inns. Most bed bug encounters occur, while the soon-to-be host is in the dark (unaware).

Female bed bugs are described by our exterminators as “prolific breeders.” Each female lays up to 500 eggs, up to 5 each day. It only takes one adult female to create an infestation within a few months. The female deposits her eggs in crevices, carpet, mattress seams, upholstery, electronics, sheets, and baseboards.

An Effective Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment Utilizing Steam

Steam has become a mainstream bed bug strategy. When applied properly, steam treatment is both effective and efficient. Our steam equipment consists of large steamers and wands with a 90-degree nozzle to ensure the most direct hit. 

The power switch is flipped to “ON.” The machine begins to generate steam. With 3 to 5 minutes, the temperature reaches the maximum requirement of 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exterminator directs the steam at the insects’ hiding places. The treatment continues up to 20 or until the exterminator believes all of the bed bugs are dead. 

Depending on the process, the exterminator may opt to treat the entire bedroom. In this case, the room is sectioned off from the rest of the home. Steam begins to fill the room, 90 minutes later, all of the bed bugs are dead.

How Does Steam Treatment Work?

Steam is combined with diatomaceous earth to deliver a quicker, more thorough outcome. The combination creates a lethal weapon that needs 90 minutes or less to fully exterminate bed bugs. Steam works great as a bed bug treatment because it permeates various surfaces – wood, plastic, tin, and fabric.

Steam works so well because it penetrates the tiny crevices that bed bugs call home.

Is Steam And Diatomaceous Earth Eco-Friendly?

Diatomaceous earth in a food-grade preparation is eco-friendly. As an insecticide, diatomaceous earth eradicates bed bugs by causing them to become dehydrated. The chemical properties in diatomaceous earth draw the fluids out of the bed bugs, resulting in dehydration and death.

Steam can be applied in various ways, including the do-it-yourself method. Consumers looking for an affordable bed bug treatment oftentimes turn to steam. Steamers are available at most retail stores for purchase and rent. Depending on the consumer’s preference, budget, and severity of the infestation, a rental steamer may be the best option.

DIY steam generally offers a localized treatment, target one area of the impacted room. Whereas, professional steam delivers a full treatment, targeting the entire room.

If you are undecided as to which steam treatment would work best for your bed bug problems, we highly recommend our free inspection. Our exterminators conduct a thorough inspection of the impacted home to determine the severity of the infestation. When all the data is collected, it is utilized to develop a custom pest control treatment plan. In this case, the treatment is steam, with or without diatomaceous earth. The exterminator will determine which steam treatment will offer the best outcome.

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