What You Might Not Know About Bed Bugs From A Bed Bug Exterminator

Have you ever heard that old rhyme, “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Due to the recent influx of bed bugs, it seems like this little rhyme has become a reality. Homeowners all over the world are now on high alert for these little critters. However, with the outbreaks come all kinds of rumors and myths about these little guys. Below, you will learn important and helpful information about bed bugs, so you can differentiate between fact and fiction.

 Don’t Let The Name Fool You

Bed bugs like to feed on you during the night while you are asleep, but don’t let that fool you. These bugs can be located anywhere throughout the home. In fact, most exterminators will tell you that the bed accounts for 70% of an infestation. The rest of the room will account for the other 30% of the infestation. These insects can live in sofas, baseboards, nightstands, and even behind picture frames.

Disease Free

One unique thing about bed bugs is that there is no scientific proof shown that they transmit diseases. Just about any other pest of insect will be known to transmit some kind of disease. However, this does not mean that bed bugs should be brushed off as no big deal. Bed bug research is incomplete and inconclusive.

With that being said, bed bugs can pose a mental health risk. Many people will become so obsessed with these critters that they miss many nights of sleep, spend hours researching the topic, and even miss days of work. Bed bugs have been know to aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms in people that already suffer from these sicknesses.

Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

Most people think that bed bugs are associated with poor housekeeping or poverty levels, but this is completely untrue. In fact, bed bugs have been located in some of the nicest and cleanest homes throughout the world. None of this matters, because bed bugs do not discriminate.

Bed Bugs Are Not Nocturnal

A lot of people think that bed bugs are nocturnal, because they like to feed on you during the late hours of the night. However, you would be surprised at the intelligence level of bed bugs. For instance, if you worked at night and slept during the day, these bugs would actually feed on you during the day hours.

Don’t Trash All Your Belongings

A major misconception associated with bed bugs is, once you get them you have to trash all your belongings. This is not true. Heat in the best way to get rid of bed bugs and professional trained exterminators like bed bug exterminator Dayton can treat you home and belongings with heat.

You can also throw your clothes, and bed sheets in a dryer that is set on 120 degrees for around 30 minutes and it will kill out the bed bugs.

Don’t Treat Your Home Own Your Own

No matter what you read on the Internet or see on TV, you should never try to treat your home on your own. Often times bug bombs and sprays just end up scattering the bugs. Instead, it is best to make contact with a bed bug exterminator in Dayton and take advantage of their services.

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