Student Neighborhood  

The University of Dayton Ghetto, officially the Student Neighborhood, located in Dayton, Ohio, is home to upper-level students at the University of Dayton (UD). Housing in “the Ghetto” is leased in an arrangement resembling traditional university housing and a landlord/tenant relationship. Tracing its history back to the 1870s, the neighborhood now includes more than 200 university-owned houses, landlord-owned houses, high-density housing, and gathering spaces. With the inclusion of Holy Angels and The Darkside, officially “the North Student Neighborhood,” two smaller neighborhoods in the university that owns the property, more than 400 houses are currently used as student residential space. Because of the area’s age, the university has been engaged in a program to renovate and update the houses. Several additional changes to the neighborhood are expected in the coming years as part of the university’s Master Plan.

Dayton’s Student Neighborhood is south of downtown Dayton, OH but north of the city of Oakwood. The Great Miami River is just more than half a mile to the west, and Interstate 75 is just more than a mile to the west. Its current form is bounded by Brown Street to the west, Irving Avenue to the south, Trinity Avenue and Evanston Avenue to the east, and Caldwell Street and Stonemill Road to the north. This gives the area a roughly triangular shape. John Henry Patterson owned the neighborhood’s land until the mid-1870s.

Holy Angels and the Darkside

In addition to the properties the university owns in the Ghetto, there are also student houses in two other neighborhoods: the Darkside—or North Student Neighborhood, as the university refers to it—and Holy Angels, also known as “College Park.” Once considered a single neighborhood connected by north-south Alberta Street, the areas were separated when the Thomas J. Frericks Center and a new formal entrance were added. Alberta Street now acts as the main thoroughfare for the Darkside, while the street has been rerouted and renamed College Park Avenue in the Holy Angels/College Park neighborhood. It is cut off from the portion in the Ghetto, renamed Frericks Way. Bed Bug Exterminator Dayton


Only some of the houses in the student neighborhoods are occupied by students. Four places in both the Ghetto and the Darkside – on Trinity Avenue, Kiefaber Street, Stonemill Road, and Chambers Street — are home to groups of Marianists, the Catholic religious institute behind UD. Between six and 10 Marianists live in each house. They serve the university as ministers, groundskeepers, administrators, and professors, among other professions.

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